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Know your customers

In a crowded market place you need a reason to make sure people keep coming back.If you want to open a real artisan coffee shop or value lead cafe offering a local product we can help no matter what you want to achieve.

Research your competitors

Is there room for more people in the market? Who's doing well & why? Has anyone gone out of business recently & why ? what can you do better / different to be successful and stand out.

Choose your equipment

If your purchasing your equipment outright this can be a big expense. Speak to us, make sure your not over paying and that your getting a machine that fits your business needs and volume requirements.

Design your menu

You will no doubt need your long lasting best sellers everyone will be expecting. But you need to be up to date with new trends. Talk to us about seasonal speciality drinks to drive footfall and increase profit margins.

Train your staff

Your coffee will only be as good as the barista making it. Staff training is part of the deal from any serious coffee roaster. You will need consistency and quality to ensure your business grows and gains a reputation to keep customers coming back. 





If you are opening a new business in the north east we can offer you what ever help or advice you need.  


Over the past 5 years i have helped many coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and bars either introduce coffee into their business or improve their existing coffee offering to keep up to date with the ever evolving coffee market and continually more knowledgeable and quality orientated consumer. 

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