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Origin : Colombia

Producer : SWD 

Region : Quindio

Process : Washed, Swiss Water Decaf

Altitude : 1458 masl

Cupping : Chocolate, dried fruit, Hazlenut, Peach

Varietal : Casillo, Colombia


Swiss Water Decaf Process

The Swiss Water decaf Process removes caffeine by gently soaking green beans in a water solution for just over 8 hour. The solution absorbs caffeine from the beans, and is then repeatedly carbon filtered until 99.9% of the caffeine is removed, all the flavour from the original bean remains intact without the caffeine.


From the importer

This coffee is collated at the dry mill facility managed by local farm owner Hernan Israel Ocendo Usman in Armenia. It is sourced from a group of 16 farms within the Quindio region of Colombia, all from more technically advanced farms that focus a large amount on the quality of the coffee they grow.


The coffee is picked and processed before being shipped to Vancouver for decaffeination at Swiss Water. Here the coffee is soaked in a proprietary Green Coffee Extract (GCE), that allows the caffeine to seep out without removing too much of the flavour. The caffeine is then removed and the beans returned to the GCE to reabsorb any flavours that previously escaped.

El Eden Colombia - Swiss Water Decaf

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