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Origin : El Salvador

Producer : Urrutia's Estate

Region : El Ingenio

Process : Washed

Altitude : 1250-1800masl

Cupping : Sweet & Thick body. Toffee, Plum, Apple, Chocolate

Varietal : Bourbon


Generally speaking coffees from El Salvador have tastes of chocolate, nuts and fruit with honey like sweetness, thick bodies and mild acidity. Personally i perfer this particular coffee from El Ingenio brewed as an espresso with short amounts of milk! 


El Ingenio dates back to 1875 when Mr. Juan Urrutia planted the first coffee trees at high altitude in volcanic soil and the first crop of 27 bags was produced. As time passed the farm grew and the family worked hard to improve the quality year after year leading us to the present day with sixth-generation Enrique, Rene and Gustavo running the farm, with their father Gustavo still involved as an advisor, giving them the benefit of his experience. Over the years, they have placed in the finals for Cup of Excellence 7 times, as well as gaining accolades from trade bodies and national associations such as Exporter of the Year in 2015 and landing in the top 5 in 2017.


All the Urrutias Estate coffees are 100% shade grown and native trees are planted every year and to prevent erosion. The main trees which are grown are the izote and the copalchi which act as natural wind barriers. A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the farm is unsurprisingly Rainforest Alliance certified and is home to many resident and migratory birds. Specifically, they are home to 24 different species of mammals, 259 species of insects and over 120 species of migratory birds. In total, they have over 100 manzanas (approx. 170 acres) of natural forest, which is about 20-30% of the El Ingenio farm.

El Ingenio - El Salvador

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