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Origin : Honduras

Producer : SWD

Region : Santa Barbara

Process : Washed, Swiss Water Decaf

Altitude : 1370 - 1470 masl

Cupping : Chocolate, apple, orange, toffee, walnut.

Varietal : Bourbon, Catucaí, Pacas


Swiss Water Decaf Process

The Swiss Water decaf Process removes caffeine by gently soaking green beans in a water solution for just over 8 hour. The solution absorbs caffeine from the beans, and is then repeatedly carbon filtered until 99.9% of the caffeine is removed, all the flavour from the original bean remains intact without the caffeine.


This coffee comes from approximately 300 COAGRICSAL (Agricultural Cooperative Cafetalera San Antonio Limited) producers who contributed to the Corozal collection center in Corozal, Trinidad, Santa Bárbara. The coffee is grown between 900-1250m and then, after harvesting, it is washed and dried—20 percent by producers on their own property, 30 percent on patios at the mill and approximately 50 percent in machine driers.

Finca El Alto - Swiss Water Decaf

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