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Tasting Profile

Raspberry, blueberry, prune… loads of fruit over chocolate, sweet and syrupy base.


Origin   :  Costa Rica

Region   : Tarazzu San Francisco Community 

Producer   : Coop Dota Tarazzu

Process   : Natural

Altitude   : 1700 - 1950+ masl

Varietal   :  Catuai, Catuura


This coffee is the next in the series of delicous Costa Rican micro lots ive baught over the past 3 years. These are a bit of a personal favourite due to the big sweet & juicy flavours that are possible from these farms in Tarazzu, Costa Rica. This particular coffee is from the San Francisco farmers which is part of Coop Dota Tarazzu's community program.


This communities program has been running with Coop Tarrazu since 2012, and was designed to help promote the individual characteristics of the coffee in ‘micro-zones’ of the Tarrazu coffee growing region. This year is an off year for production, meaning a slightly lower amount of coffee was produced. This is part of the natural phenology of the plant, as cherry grows on the previous years branch growth, but does mean this is even more limited than normal!


The coffee of the Tarrazú region is one of the most recognized in Costa Rica and has created a great repuation around the world. This production is between 1,700 and 1,950 meters above sea level, in ideal climate and soil conditions for cultivation. Most of the plantations are under shade, with different trees in the area.


The people from the San Francisco coffee growing community  are characterized by a passion fortheir coffee and the desire to consistently produce a high quality, sustainable product. They are proud to be participants in the Coope Tarrazú Community Coffees program. Each of the producing families depend on coffee as a livelihood, and are committed to working together through all stages of the coffee process to ensure the coffee that is harvested is of excellent quality.


Finca San Francisco - Costa Rica Micro Lot

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  • Costa Rica’s coffee industry is well established and successful. Producing more commonly SHB – Strictly Hard Beans from high altitude growing regions, these coffees are well cared for, washed and processed accordingly – which goes some way to explain their typically firm pricing (comparatively to other producers). Lower grades (the HB’s) are also common from Cost Rica. A number of Fairtrade cooperatives have flourished in recent years, and individual communities as well as estates and cooperatives have made a name for themselves in the wider specialty coffee sector. Individual regions such as Tarrazu also have critical acclaim. Costa Rican flavours invoke chocolate undertones and full bodied, rich mouthfeel. Notes of lemon, sherbet, honey and caramel are also present – making Costa Rican coffee great for espresso based coffees, but also, given the right fruit components, a perfect pour over too.

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