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Origin : Colombia

Producer : Luz Marina Gamboa

Region : Armenia

Process : Washed

Altitude : 1450-1550masl

Cupping : Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Caramel, Peach, Nectarine

Varietal : Caturra, Catimor, Castillo


This new Colombian coffee comes from Luz Marina Gamboa's La Bella farm in Quindio, Colombia. It has a typical bold body of a Colombian coffee with nice complex fruit notes, making it a great all round choice and perfect for espresso based drinks & black coffee.


The Quindío region of Colombia is the second smallest in Colombia but has a high concentration of coffee producers due to the favourable growing condition. Coffee is harvested and taken to the Racafe mill in Armenia, where it is sampled, cupped, and graded. The overall blend profile is managed by a separate cupping room facility where consistency and quality are maintained.


' La Bella'  is slightly to the North in Quindio and has been managed by Sr. Jair for the past ten years, with his brother Edison taking care of the plants in the fields. Mostly the Castillo and Catimor varieties and the recent increase in prices has seen them invest in planting and renewing sectors of the farm. Castillo and Catimor varieties are seen as more productive so are a favoured choice by many farmers in the region.


La Bella - Colombia

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  • Luz Helena grew up in Armenia, Colombia, and has been producing coffee for over 20 years. She owns Maracay, an 8 hectare farm located 1450masl in Quindio. Luz is Carlos and Felipe's mother, the co-founder of Cofinet who i partner with to source these coffees. 

    Luz's passion for coffee was inspired by her husbands work on coffee farms and as a dry mill manager. Luz would hear Jario talking about coffee and wanted to be more involved in the industry. With the support of Jario, Luz started learning how to care for coffee plants and what steps were needed to make high quality, ripe cherries. Luz found dealing with insects very challenging at the begining and would draw on Jario's knowledge to help with this. 

    For several years now her focus has been on producing high grade specialty coffee. With the support of Cofinet Luz has been able to improve farm practices and focus on producing the best quality cherries and experiment with processing methods to draw out exciting flavours from her coffees. 

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