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About This Coffee


Origin : Brazil


Our Northside Espresso coffee has been created specially for businesses looking for a great tasting coffee with a decent punch to it. The roast profile for this one is  medium to dark, slightly darker than our other blends which creates a rich and bold espresso with notes of cacoa / dark chocolate through milk. 




About Brazilian Coffee


We have chosen a Brazilian coffee to use to compliment the roast profile and create something accessible to many businessess. Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world, producing over a third of the world’s  coffee, and has  over 5 million people in the country employed in the cultivation or harvest of over 3 billion coffee plants.. With such diversity, its range of coffee that it produces is vast – from small holder farms to vast estates. Soils, regional climate and temperatures make great growing conditions. Typical flavours  from Brazil ian coffees  are nuts, caramel with a creamy body. 

Northside Espresso

1 Kilogram
  • Our coffee is roasted and left to de gas naturally for 48 hours before being bagged. Follow our guidelines to keep your beans fresh and to ensure you are serving great tasting coffee. If you want help just ask.


    Once opened use within 6 weeks of roast date and store in a cool, dry and dark place. Storing in a fridge is not needed and the odour may contaminate other items in there!

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