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January 2021 | Protecting and restoring forests in Papua New Guinea

Forest Protection

In their biomass and soil, forests are powerful carbon storehouses. Protection prevents emissions from deforestation, shields that carbon, and enables ongoing carbon sequestration.

In the iconic Hans Meyer Range of New Ireland, Papua New Guinea, humid tropical forests range in elevation from sea level to 2,340m AMSL. They are home to many endemic and rare species of flora and fauna. These high carbon storage regions are under severe threat of conversion and degradation, from both legal and unlawful logging, uncontrolled subsistence farming, and conversion to oil palm plantations subsequent to forest harvesting instead of reforestation.

This project in Papua New Guinea aims to protect the rainforest, conserve local biodiversity, and enhance the traditional landowners and stewards of these rainforests through carbon credit production.

The project plans to invest 81% of net revenue into local communities, distributing funds directly to individuals and also developing access to online schools, expanding regional healthcare provision, introducing solar-powered electricity and financing a comprehensive biodiversity study.

As well as its certification under the Verified Carbon Standard, project developer NIHT is committed to the equitable participation of all stakeholders in the project’s development – working in partnership with local, provincial and national government.

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