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Origin : Brazil

Producer : Jose Edivaldo Goncalvez

Region : Minas Gerais

Process : Natural

Altitude : 900 - 1200 masl

Cupping : Chocolate, Caramel, Apricot, Lime

Varietal : Yellow Catuaí, Red Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Catucaí


About the Sitio Barra Farm

Sítio Barra, located on the border between the municipalities of Poços de Caldas and Botelhos, is managed by the Gonçalves family – Mr. José Edivaldo Gonçalves, his wife and their three sons: Thiago, André and Felipe. Now in the third generation and being a medium to large farm, it started its history in a very different way, with a few hectares and a lot of struggle to get where
the family is today. It all started with Mr. José's father. He and his family always worked in coffee
plantations, harvesting the beans in neighboring properties, but always with the dream
of managing their own farm.


The story with the specialty coffee started as a project of the three brothers, in 2011. At first, the idea was to acquire a pulping machine to help in the space of the patios in years of high production. But with the first batches pulped, the family became interested in sending some batches for cupping and they had excellent scoring results, and started to invest in specialty coffee, attracted by the paid differential and better working conditions.

Since then, the farm's focus has been 100% on specialty coffee, and every year new investments are made, all to further enhance the farm's potential. The family's plans now are to invest in suspended terraces and in training courses in the area of tasting and roasting, so that they can understand the quality they produce and thus improve it even further.


Processing information: The coffee when leaving the plots pass through the
washer machine to clean and remove the floaters and green beans. The natural coffees
are dried for an average of 5 days in the cement patios, revolving around 8 to 10 times
a day.

Jose Edivaldo Goncalves - Brazil

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