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An absolute winner & all round people pleaser! This is our most commonly used coffee with trade customers and always gets great reveiws from coffee drinkers. Amazing with short amounts of milk and still packs a punch as large lattes / capps.


Colombian coffee is smooth, delicate and very well-balanced with nutty and chocolaty tones and a sweet citrus taste in both the flavor and aroma as well as the pleasant finish/aftertaste. This soft and sweet taste , along with a natural proccessed yellow bourbon Brazilian create a great base for our original Espresso blend.


The Ethiopian coffee from the Sidammo Region adds a beautiful fruity and sweet taste to create something really special! Perfect for espresso / black coffee drinkers aswell as short milk based drinks. 


1 Kilogram
  • Our coffee is roasted and left to de gas naturally for 48 hours before being bagged. Follow our guidelines to keep your beans fresh and to ensure you are serving great tasting coffee. If you want help just ask.


    Once opened use within 6 weeks of roast date and store in a cool, dry and dark place. Storing in a fridge is not needed and the odour may contaminate other items in there!

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