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Coffee Brew Methods


As soon as you grind your coffee the staling process begins and you start to loose some of the good stuff. Try to grind your coffee before each cup to keep it fresh for longer.


This simply means how much coffee to water is in your drink. More water and less coffee will make it weaker..more coffee and less water will make it stronger. pretty simple stuff.


30g/40g of coffee | 500ml water serces 2


17g of coffee | 34ml  

These are just starting points, don't get too bogged down with recipes and experiment with your brew ratio and grind texture to find what you like! 


Espresso : FINE

Filter : COARSE 

The grind texture plays a huge role in the end taste of your coffee. Finely ground coffee is in contact with the water for longer s picks up more of the flavours and can taste stronger. 

Coarse ground coffee allows water to pass through quicker so tastes less intense and has a thinner mouth feel. Tea like. 

Play around with you grinder settings to find the taste you like...we're all different!


Grind : Coarse

Dose : 35g coffee | 500ml Water serves 2

Pour gently and slowly fill the 500ml of water onto the coffee, after 30 seconds stir coffee once.

Leave for 3:30/4 mins, slowly plunge down then serve and enjoy. Adjust coffee amount or grind texture to make the coffee stronger of weaker to your preference.

Filter Coffee Bre Guide


V60 | Chemex | Coffee Gator

Grind : Mdeium Coarse

Dose : 30g-40g coffee | 500ml water servers 2


Add your coffee to the filter and pour only 80-100ml of water to start. You will see the coffee expand and bloom, wait for 30 seconds before continuing to pour. This allows any remaining gasses in the coffee to escape.

Pour the remaining water slowly and evenly over all the coffee. The whole process should take 4-5 minutes from the first pour. 

Adjust coffee amount or grind texture to make the coffee stronger of weaker to your preference. Finer ground coffee will extract slower and taste stronger. 

Chemex Coffee Brew Guide
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